Solidarity protest against Anti-Black Violence in the US and EU

Nijmegen stands united in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and raises its voice together with all the cities that join us in this fight.

! Be a part of the right side of history !

On Friday, 5th of June, we will come together to join the protests against anti-black racism in the Netherlands, Europe, and the world. Bring your banners, posters, and most importantly: your love!

We demonstrate for a safer world for everyone. However, we do this during strange times in which we are fighting another invisible enemy known as COVID-19. To keep the virus at bay we want to ask you all to adhere to the following rules:

+ keep 1.5m distance
+ disposable (rubber) gloves
+ follow the instructions of the coordinators on scene


+ the location is accessible for people in wheelchairs
+ if you can bring a chair to help those with a (invisible) disability to join the protest, please do so. That way we want to make the action accessible to everyone
+ if you cannot join the protest you can follow our livestream via Beeldbrengers tv


+ bring your ID
+ travel in groups of max. 2 people
+ if you have legal representation, bring their phone number on your body
+ charge your phone beforehand

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