The city of Nijmegen is and always has been anti-racist and anti-fascist. Our history shows that we have no tolerance for far-right extremists.

On Saturday, November 10th, the 80 year anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Racial Volunteer Front (RVF), an extreme-right hate group, will demonstrate in our streets. The Racial Volunteer Force (RVF) was founded in 2002 as a neo-nazi organization that is known for its violence, racist ideology and their admiration for Adolf Hitler. Members of the organization have been convicted for assault and the illegal ownership of firearms. Last September they tried to violently prevent Nijmegen residents from restoring the vandalized Refugees Welcome graffiti under the Waal Bridge. Now, RVF is directly targeting a social center in the heart of Nijmegen, De Grote Broek.

De Grote Broek is a symbol of protest culture and solidarity in Nijmegen. For almost 35 years De Grote Broek has struggled for a society based on equality and inclusivity; it has always stood its ground against eviction and commercialization, as well as against racism and fascism. This is why the RVF wants to protest in Nijmegen, and against De Grote Broek in particular. We, however, will not accept this. We will stand our ground and defend our city, our community and our values.