Fascism is a venomous snake that needs to be stamped into oblivion

Fascism is a snake, it slithers, it crawls silently to its prey, using the camouflage of its skin to appear harmless, as if it was just a part of the landscape in the eye of its victims. But with the right momentum, if you let it, it will strike the most vulnerable members of our community.

Fascism is a snake because even though it appeared in many different forms in History, even though it has tried, through much political contortion, to fill the cracks that capitalism created and deepened in the fabric of humyn society, even though it has many times shed its skin to keep a relevance that has been gained through double-speak and false consciousness, we must see through it when, in the general confusion of our time, the snake shamelessly hisses the words of “free-speech” and “tolerance.”

The right and far-right in Europe, and in the Netherlands in particular, have had to make a strategical choice these past few years. Indeed, they had to give up the century-old Christian rhetoric of intolerance towards anyone who did not fit their narrow-minded view of the family, of gender and sexuality in the name of “traditional values”. We witnessed a strange spectacle of self-proclaimed fascists defending what they first fought with all their will: same-sex marriage and overall tolerance towards the LGBTQ community. This opportunistic move was nothing but a ploy to present themselves as the defenders of “progressive European values” against the supposed homophobia among refugees. The hijacking of the most liberal aspects of the gay-right movements to put forward a racist agenda must be exposed and fought against as often as must be. But the duplicity of these fear-mongers only get them so far and they have now stepped into the light to show their true hateful face.

A snake will remain a snake and will expose what it truly is, like it did when the Christian fundamentalists from Civitas Christiana came to spew out their century-old hate of queer people with crosses and latin prayers on October 13, like it did when Identitair Verzet disrupted the reading at the public library on December 22 so that it had to be cancelled to protect the children. This is the snake who invokes free-speech when it defends the right to discuss a racially pure ethno-state but will intimidate children and library staff when a reading is not to their liking.

In the confusion of our time, it is not always easy to see through it, but they are the heirs of the book-burnings, we can grant them free-speech, it should be understood that they will not return the favor.

And the snake’s hunger is insatiable, fascism is a losing game. It’s them at first, it’s the terrorists, it’s the refugees, then it’s simply the Muslims, then it’s transgender people, it’s gay people, then it’s the radicals, it’s the workers, then it’s you.

A snake with a clean logo and a sharp haircut is still a snake.

We’ve lost our patience, we gave you a chance for 2000 years, you are the heirs of Catholic religious oppression and enslavement all over the world, you are the heirs of genocidal politics, you had your shot, you left a trail of dead bodies and now you come with your national flags, your Christian crosses, your rosaries and your White supremacists symbols talking about tolerance?

You’ve locked people up, you’ve hung people, you’ve burnt people at the stake, you’ve gassed people to death. You want airtime? You want a platform? You want your big show? Your track record of murder and genocide speaks for itself. This is not a free market of ideas, this is the real world and today’s fascists will be held accountable for the hate they spread and for the ghosts they conjure up.

We have no more patience, enough of your racist rhetoric when being pro-gay suits your disgusting political agenda only to turn your coat again when your anti-migrant rhetoric doesn’t get any attention anymore. You might come today in a different guise but we can smell the stench under your fancy clothing and it’s making us sick. You have showed your true colors. We say, enough is enough. Your time’s up.